About Me

My collection of girls for the past 5 years or so…

名前: レイズ
Name: Rayz
男、20歳、 シンガポールに居住, 弱気, 社会的に厄介な.
Male, 20, Chinese, Half-Hokkien Half-Teochew Ancestry, residing in Singapore, shy, socially awkward and a pessimistic kuudere.

Fav color: Purple

Type of waifu: Meganes.

Soloist blogger for a year plus now, but I don’t mind collaborations or in fact, I’m open to collabs. If you are interested, just message me via Twitter (more preferred mode of contact) or just comment below this post.

I’m also a novel writer right now, you can go to my Wattpad and read it if you want.

Heavily biased to Yuri, Loli and Incest materials.

Anime fan since… 2000? I don’t really remember… I remember my first was actually a Gundam… but cant remember is it Wing or older…

Anime music then kicked in after I watched anime, then I started buying Gunplas, then figma/nendoroid etc etc… Gaming was also during my anime time too.

My life is pretty dark so far, being quite an anti-social guy, intensively introverted, pessimistic about life.

Weekdays and weekends are both available, just tweet me if you need me.

I post food pornos on my insta, and yes I’m quite a binge eater.

Onegai follow/add me~


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