I’m Getting Married… (APRIL FOOLS)

This is obviously an April Fools prank. Updated text at the bottom of the post.

So yeah, as the title reads, me is getting married.
And the lucky girl is Moyatori. We dated in secret for 3 years now.

How you two met? How you two gotten together?

Well, it was back when I was working at a cafe. One fine day, I was about to go take a break for lunch, when a beautiful girl walks in looking for a table. I attended to her, and brought her to an empty table. I took her order, after a pretty long stare at the menu, and went on to an empty table for a break. While I was eating my lunch, I looked at her, with her head on her hand, staring outside through the glass.\

After a few minutes of struggle and over-thinking, I decided to move myself over to her table. I asked, “Is there anyone sitting here? It’s the lunchtime crowd so I need to give up my table for someone else.” She said its fine to share a table, so I sat down and continue eating.

I don’t really remember what we talked about, but I took the initiative and started talking to her. I nearly lost my job because I was interacting too much with a customer and also almost missed the time my break ends. And eventually, we added each other on Facebook and used Messenger to message each other. She was on vacation in my place for a month, before she starts her new semester.

We then messaged one other from then on. Until one night, while messaging, she asked me out, asking me to be her tour guide for a day, and I accepted it.
The next day, being excited, I stood at the meeting place 30mins earlier like a gentleman. She then came, 15mins later, walking with a paper bag. I asked what is inside, but she said it’s a secret, so I didn’t ask any further.

The whole day was fun, taking her to places she never went before. Eventually, time flies and it was night-time in a blink of an eye, it’s time for us to split. She put down her paper bag, took out a bag of cookies and passed it to me like this:


Imagine a cookie bag instead.

She said in a pretty Tsun tone:

“I would have baked them myself if I could, but I have no oven here and you’ll have to settle with this. I had to thank you for today. Bugya.”

“Will you go out with me?”

I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say. I froze for a few seconds before eventually saying:


And that’s how we started what eventually turned into a long-distance relationship, as she had to fly back for her studies. It lasted for around a year plus before she eventually moved in with me.

How did you propose?

We went back to the same cafe we first met, I ordered a box of macarons, and inside one of them, I secretly placed a ring inside one of them. So after chatting and eating every macaron except for the one with the ring in it. I took the macaron, knelt down, “open” the macaron like a ring box, and proposed.

This is basically her at that point of time.

The cafe patrons did the normal chanting of “Say yes! Say yes!” and eventually she accepted it with a very Tsun tone. Ah~ It was a great day.

And here we are. I’m not gonna reveal a lot of details of course, since she’s kind of shy. So I will be taking a week of break from blogging and streaming~
Till next time.

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Happy April Fools~! (at least for my timezone.) A big thank you to Moya for playing along and also help out with proofreading and conceptualize the story. Do check her out, she writes incredible analysis and other articles. So I’m kidding about the hiatus and everything, so I will be writing non-stop. The reason behind this is to soak test my storytelling skills if I can still write a romance novel or some sort. This is fun, I should do this more.

^This text is whitened out which is why so many people fell for it. Because of the amount of response we got was pretty damn amazing, me and Moya decided to write a follow-up post soon to give awards to people who both fell for it or didn’t take it seriously. See you guys soon.


26 responses to “I’m Getting Married… (APRIL FOOLS)

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  2. Ha good one.

    I’ll admit you had me going there for a moment, but a quick look at the calendar and it all made sense. Haven’t seen that one before so I’ll give you points for creativity.

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